Phoenix five

Garesh Vren and his brigands

Grrr's curse

Our heros killed the werewolf. Garesh Vren then congratulated them and offered them some food and ale. Mahalani then tried to intimidate Garesh into giving the party 2 bowman to help them explore the pyramid. A fight ensued and Garesh and his band were destroyed. One bowman survived and begged for mercy. He was allowed to join them. After the battle, Grrr was not feeling so well. She had contracted a disease from the werewolf. The party rested overnight, and she awoke feeling even worse and grumpier. Vyrellis led the party into a direction where she sensed one of her life forces. Vulkith led the way and ended up charmed by a succubus in the form of a human woman. She claimed she was trapped by devils in the small chapel where they encountered her. Sure enough, as the party tried to leave, devils appeared. Mahalani figured there was a magic on the door that needed busting. Unfortunately they didn’t disable it in time. The human woman shifted into her succubus form and attacked the party. Vulkith was so enchanter by her, he kept defending her until she was killed by Anias. Afterwards Finnan found a secret door and discovered the 2nd life force of Vyrellis. Vyrellis had to bribe Mahalani to take it from Finnan. Once she got it from him, Vyrellis granted Mahalani some of her own power. While all the bickering was occurring, the bowman had fled. The party followed and encountered the last of Garesh Vren’s band of brigands. After all the party members were teleported into a room with a built in flame thrower, they then met the brigands and defeated them in battle. A few of the party members took some serious heat from those flames. And, Grrr lost control of herself in the battle when she took a blow to the arm which left her bleeding and furious. She nearly attacked Anias. No one noticed this, and Grrr kept it to herself. The group then encountered a couple harpies and sahuagin in a room filled with water and bridges. A couple of the party nearly drowned. The sahuagin focused their attacks on Mahalani, but the heros never discerned why.



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