Phoenix five

Arboreans, lizards and Arat Karavakos


The Phoenix 5, now consisting of 6 Heros and a black guardian drake, made their first breakthrough. They had some skirmishes with the evil arboreans, and retreated to safety. They then encountered the Eaters of Knowledge in the library and took a beating, but triumphed. Vylariss thought she would encounter one of her life shards, but it had been taken by someone, or something. Finnan found a secret door that lead to Arat Karavakos, where our Heros quickly dispatched of this life force of Karavakos. They then encountered a room filled with water and some lizard creatures, Grrr was sucked into a pipe and spit out on the otherside of the room, and then was struck down. They routed the lizard creatures and Valkith raised his fallen comrade. In the next scene, they met a dragonborn Gharesh Vren and his band. They parlayed and came to an agreement. Gharesh would grant the party a safe haven of they killed their comrade who had been turned into a werewolf. Our heros fought viciously, but 3 of them were bitten by the cursed creature, and felt an illness settling in.



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