Phoenix five

Vyrellis's corpse

The party defeated the sahuagin and harpies. They took an extended rest and Grrr awoke feeling better. Vyrellis told the party there would be powerful weapons behind a doorway covered in ice, but beware of the cold guardians. Sure enough, there were some zombies trapped in ice pillars and an awful devil of some sorts. Many of the party were poisoned by its breath weapon, but sure enough, the devil was smashed down by Anias in the end. A magic short sword and some magic armbands were found as booty. In a room across the hall, the party encountered the headless body of Vyrellis. She pleaded for Mahalani to break the magical bonds, but the eladrin princess could not find the right ritual. Anias finally got the idea of knocking over one of the monoliths that seemed a source of the power. He and Grrr and Vulkith pushed, but couldn’t topple it. A surprise to every one, Coda, a thin weakly tiefling, pushed the monolith over after the 3 brutes failed. Everyone laughed for a brief moment. When the monolith came down, the force shield around Vyrellis’s body faltered and the globe holding Vyrellis went sailing through the air, as if being pulled by some magnet, into the chest of her corpse. She screamed in terror “I have been tricked, Karavakos has tricked me”. At that moment, her corpse unleashed terrible power on the the heros. She summoned a cloud of razors and a small blizzard that battered away at our heros. Coda put her in his magical, deadly zone of darkness, but she escaped. After a long struggle, the Phoenix Five finally cut down the cursed body of Vyrellis, but not before Anias and Mahalani had accidentally hit her globe during the frey. “You stupid oaf” was one of the pleasantries she kindly bestowed on Anias.



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