Battlerager fighter


Name at least one thing the character truly believes in:

Believes in serving Kord in battle (God of Athletics, Sports, Storms, Brawling, Strength, and Courage. His symbol is an eight-pointed star composed of spears and maces. He is a foe of dragonkind, especially lawful evil dragons. Kord’s favorite heralds are titans. His allies include eladrin and huge earth elementals. One of the most prominent temples, known as the Hall of the Mighty, was founded by a young cleric from the barbarian state of Vika named Yav Lightbringer; the same cleric who eventually became the High Priest of Kord. Incredibly devoted to Kord and his ideals, Yav spent a majority of his life distributing a leaflet which brought many men and women to worship Kord)

Name at least one thing that is important to the character:

His clan, Fulkrak, is very important to him. His Father is the clan leader, and his brother Darrish will become the new clan leader when his father retires soon.

Name at least one quality that the character hates in others:

He hates cowardace.

Now, what makes the character forget about #1 and #2 and do #3?:

He might forget about serving Kord if it meant choosing to defend his clan over serving Kord. He dislikes his brother Darrish Fulkrak, and could be tempted to challenge his brother to his right to rule the clan. He is fearful of spiders because his brother Darrish pushed him into a pit of spiders in their youth. He still has nightmares about them crawling all over him, into his clothes, in his mouth, ears and nose. He is very reluctant to battle any spiders and would likely run from battle if possible, or at least fight at a distance.


Anias Fulkrak, is a hill dwarf of the clan Fulkrak (Strong fortress). His people are a serious one, that thrive on hard labor in the mines, good dwarven ale, and crafting gems. He has become quite annoyed lately with his father, the clan leader, for recently picking Anias’ brother Darrish as the new clan leader. This occurred after Anias played a prank on his brother (shaving his beard!) in a fit of sibling rivalry. Anias has always been unusual in that he loves to laugh & enjoys comedy (at the expense of others). Well, rather than be subjected to the rule of his brother, whom as Anias puts it “is dumber than the rocks he mines”, he decided to pack his gear/ ale, and go on sabbatical. He hopes to kill lots of goblins, drink gallons of dwarven ale, and seek out those who have a sense of humor.


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