Warlord and former Captain of the 9th Legion of Mar’zhul. Devout follower of [[Bahamut]] (The Platinum Protector). He fought as a soldier along-side his companions in the 100 years war. Upon discovering his companion Mahalani’s divine heritage, vowed to protect and aide her, choosing patience and caution rather than blind anger on his course to vengeance.

Name at least one thing the character truly believes in: Fighting for the betterment of the world.

Name at least one thing that is important to the character: Honor, Justice.

Name at least one quality that the character hates in others: Deceipt, Selfishness.

Now, what makes the character forget about #1 and #2 and do #3?: A chance to come face to face with his Wife and Daughter’s murderers.

Str:20 Dex:10 Con:14 Int:14 Wis:9 Cha:20

AC: 23 HP: 61

Posessions: Battlecrazed Greatsword +1, Imposter’s Scalemail +2, Horned Helm, Couter’s of Second Chances, Brooch of No Regrets +1, Hunter’s Flint, and a Restfull Bedroll.

Pet: Guardian Drake named Dio


Raised by his Father and Mother, Vulkith grew up in the city of Mar’zhul, embedded in the [[Starpeak Mountains]] within the nation of [[Aundair]]. With only a population of 30,000 the city is not well-known, it is however well known for its military exploits in past wars. As a child Vulkith often listened to tales of old, the former days about great men and women of renown, his kin. He learned of ancient evils and modern evils, and was assured that he was born to stand against these evils. In the ways of the Dragonborn Vulkith trained very hard, he learned the martial way, and took up the banner of his people and his god at a very young age. He went on to serve as a soldier in the M’arzhul military, to guard and protect his home. Dragonborn armies were occasionally hired as reinforcements for wars or skirmishes by neighboring human cities and towns mostly just to intimidate the opposing force into submission, as long as they did not violate their own code of ethics, they accepted resources and earned military valor for their services, never coin. Vulkith saw many battles and lost many comrades. He became Captain of the 9th Legion at age 21. Under his command the 9th also fought in the Last War, where Vulkith was betrayed by a man named [[Solhar Dariznu]].

Before Vulkith went to fight in the Last War with his 9th Legion he sought much council and prayed much to Bahamut. Shortly after such time Vulkith had a disturbing dream. In that dream he saw three phoenix bloom flowers (nocturnal fluorescent flowers that only grow near their home) he felt great joy in seeing those flowers. But he saw the three flowers merge to one big flower and consume the darkness, he felt great sorrow that the three became one but he knew not why when he awoke. When the Ambassadors came from the human cities to seek negotiations with his people, Vulkith was deeply troubled, but he knew he could not refuse to lend their strength. During times of war his people often get low on food and other resources. M’arzhul’s leaders were troubled as well, several cities had requested aid, but his people had sworn not to takes sides in affairs not their own. However there was a very persuasive man that came to speak before M’arzhul’s council of elders. His name was Solhar Dariznu, Captain of the Wyr army, in the charge of [[Queen Diani]] of [[Thrane]]. He spoke cordially and offered much to the Dragonborn people. He asked for help from one of our Legions to help control the forest borders against goblinoid armies north of [[Thaliost]] during the Last War. Solhar being as generous as he was, the elders accepted his offer and instructed Vulkith to step forward placing the 9th Legion at Solhars call to arms. Vulkith greeted Solhar and clasped arms completing the agreement.

As the 9th was preparing to march southeast to their intended standing ground, Vulkith spent time with his wife Paktii and his daughter Raktii, he told them he loved them both very much and remembered that they were his reason for staying alive in times of war. He told them he would miss them before leaving to join his Legion. His orders from Darizu were simple, to hold and fight off any groups of goblinoids headed for [[Thaliost]]. Vulkith was assured that he should not be involved in any conflict concerning Auntair and Thrane. With these orders in mind his Legion made way for the northern fields of Thaliost. Along the way they encountered war parties of Orcs, Bug-Bears, Gnolls, and Goblins. With very few casualties Vulkith felt conifident that they could make their stand for their appointed time of 6 months. Upon arriving to the standing ground the Legion made camp and was later met by a standard bearer and a small cluster of heavily armored Knights of the Army of Thaliost, servants to the crown of Thrane. The herald stepped forth and introduced Solhar Darizu publicly and was introduced as Archbishop of Thaliost not Captain! Vulkith confused invited Solhar into his tent. Solhar then wished Vulkith and his legion good battles. Furthermore he bade that should any human armies be seen not of Thrane to fight them as well, that they will have their own legions to the southwest fighting the main battles against Aundairi invasion forces, that the 9th is simply to pick off any scraps. That includes humanoid forces and goblinoid. Vulkith argued relentlessy, that that was not the agreement. Once Vulkith stopped, Solhar simply turned and waved a finger the tent flap unfolded and in stepped a mirror image of Vulkith, to his likeness exactly.

Vulkith was awestruck and gasped,” What sort of Sorcery is this?” Solhar letting out a long overdrawn chuckle soon after replies in a cold tone, “War is not pretty, most times the gods hide their faces from it. The work we men do is never ending. Just like this war will be unless we can end it! I have no time for your foolish codes or principals. They lack good business sense. You will be reimbursed for your troubles, have I not said so?” “Yes, but…” Vulkith’s words were cut off by Solhar,” Those that come for Thaliost, will not spare you or your people if they rule this region. If they advance on us here what will stop them from then marching on M’arzhul? We assure you our side will do no such thing, the Queen gives you her promise as do I. What then do you say?”

Vulkith looked down and pondered long and hard, thinking back to his disturbing dream. Might this somehow be connected? He knows what his elders would say to such trickery, but if he refuses what will become of his people? Will the Aundair nations truly do such a thing? It has been many generations since any human nation took up arms against M’arzhul. But the only reason we came here was to protect the city from a common enemy not to take sides in an ongoing conflict! Vulkith slowly turned to Solhar and said, “I’m sorry Sorhal, I cannot turn against the will of the council and the gods, for my own honor stands before them. I am sorry we could not help, we will make for M’arzhul in the morning.”

“Damn the gods! Damn you!” Solhar spits,” Do you realize what you are turning you back on? This war is not just about land it’s also about religion and control. Without these ingredients the people scatter to the winds devising all sorts of ill ideas, resorting back to savage ways. We cannot let that happen, the people need our guidance. Bahh…I have no time to lecture you on trivial matters that clearly your kind will never understand. If you will not stand with us then I will have no choice, but to ensure that you do.”

Solhar then motions to the Vukith look-alike. At that moment the 7 foot tall Dragonborn starts to go hazy and begins to shrink down a bit to a more dwindly form with creamy white skin with a thick mane of greenish white frizzy hair. The face appears featureless somehow with an almost purely albino look to it. “Ahh yes, you haven’t yet been properly introduced, how rude of me.” Solhar laughs in a mocking tone,” This is [[Zaieer]] he is my finest assassin. And he will not hesitate to put an end to anyone’s life that I choose. And it appears that I will be fast making a choice.” Casually fixing the clasp upon his cloak Solhar then sharply looks to Vulkith, “You sadden me, not just that, you sadden your wife and child,” Vulkith clenches his fists in astonishment, “Ah…I see that troubles you. Well do not worry yourself. I will see to it that Zaieer pays them a visit for you.” Openly smirking to all in the tent.

Vulkith explodes with anger and reaches out to pull down the nearest Thaliost guard to Solhar. He then grabs one more and slams him into the tent poles bringing the tent in upon everyone. Vulkith manages to grab Solhar’s ankle as he scrambles for the entrance, bringing his own foot up and driving it into Solhar’s face. Before Vulkith can get a better grip Zaieer smashes the pommel of a dagger into Vulkith’s jaw. Meanwhile Solhar and Zaieer flee the tent back to their horses. After retreating a short distance Solhar turns to wipe blood from his mouth, then he turns to face the tent and yells out, “Well Vulkith you have assaulted the Archbishop of Thaliost, You will regret this! You hear me? You will suffer for this!”

As Vulkith emerges from his tent, he struggles to his feet and runs at the Archbishops entourage, but before he can reach them they gallop off, as several Dragonborn soldiers come running to Vulkith to see what the disturbance is. “We must get back to M’arzhul!” Vulkith declares. The soldiers around Vulkith seemed baffled by his words. He gathers the Legion and explains to them of the situation, ordering them to break camp to make for M’arzhul.

Upon reaching M’arzhul the Legion is met with relief but also with tears and sorrow, as a funeral pyre is being arranged in the city square. Vulkith runs to his hut and discovers no one there. He fears the worst. A feint image of his dream comes to mind and his eyes begin to water. Just then his old friend Farzu walks into his tent and clasps Vulkith on the shoulder, “The council must see you, the matter is grave.”

“ Nooooooooooooooo!” Vulkith’s cry can be heard across all of M’arzhul. And many others hearts break with him. Vulkith stands like a stone before the council of Elders. They all look to each other with worried eyes. “Vulkith, we know what has been done, the gods also have seen this. We mourn with you. You must take time to grieve before any decisions will be made.”

After several moments of silence, Vulkith finally raises his head “Grieve? I will grieve when I have their heads on a stick, if you mourn with me then allow me to take the 9th upon them!” “Vulkith what you ask is blatant war. Many more innocents will die; it will also bring destruction upon our people. I am sorry we cannot let you do such a thing, revenge will gain nothing.” The elder pleaded with Vulkith.

Vulkith frowns in determination “Nothing you say? I have nothing left to live for. I must…I will gain vengeance for the innocents, bitch fate will be returned upon the wicked. If the gods see this, then they will aid me, I do not need you!”

Vulkith stares out at the Funeral Pyre of Paktii and Raktii; he throws two phoenix bloom flowers onto the pyre, he will use their strength. He will leave his people and find Solhar and others like him. He now sees that he must rise up like the phoenix, to snuff out the darkness; he prays that every step he takes will make him stronger, in that one day he will have vengeance for the innocent.


Phoenix five Vulkith