Phoenix five

Vyrellis's corpse

The party defeated the sahuagin and harpies. They took an extended rest and Grrr awoke feeling better. Vyrellis told the party there would be powerful weapons behind a doorway covered in ice, but beware of the cold guardians. Sure enough, there were some zombies trapped in ice pillars and an awful devil of some sorts. Many of the party were poisoned by its breath weapon, but sure enough, the devil was smashed down by Anias in the end. A magic short sword and some magic armbands were found as booty. In a room across the hall, the party encountered the headless body of Vyrellis. She pleaded for Mahalani to break the magical bonds, but the eladrin princess could not find the right ritual. Anias finally got the idea of knocking over one of the monoliths that seemed a source of the power. He and Grrr and Vulkith pushed, but couldn’t topple it. A surprise to every one, Coda, a thin weakly tiefling, pushed the monolith over after the 3 brutes failed. Everyone laughed for a brief moment. When the monolith came down, the force shield around Vyrellis’s body faltered and the globe holding Vyrellis went sailing through the air, as if being pulled by some magnet, into the chest of her corpse. She screamed in terror “I have been tricked, Karavakos has tricked me”. At that moment, her corpse unleashed terrible power on the the heros. She summoned a cloud of razors and a small blizzard that battered away at our heros. Coda put her in his magical, deadly zone of darkness, but she escaped. After a long struggle, the Phoenix Five finally cut down the cursed body of Vyrellis, but not before Anias and Mahalani had accidentally hit her globe during the frey. “You stupid oaf” was one of the pleasantries she kindly bestowed on Anias.

Garesh Vren and his brigands
Grrr's curse

Our heros killed the werewolf. Garesh Vren then congratulated them and offered them some food and ale. Mahalani then tried to intimidate Garesh into giving the party 2 bowman to help them explore the pyramid. A fight ensued and Garesh and his band were destroyed. One bowman survived and begged for mercy. He was allowed to join them. After the battle, Grrr was not feeling so well. She had contracted a disease from the werewolf. The party rested overnight, and she awoke feeling even worse and grumpier. Vyrellis led the party into a direction where she sensed one of her life forces. Vulkith led the way and ended up charmed by a succubus in the form of a human woman. She claimed she was trapped by devils in the small chapel where they encountered her. Sure enough, as the party tried to leave, devils appeared. Mahalani figured there was a magic on the door that needed busting. Unfortunately they didn’t disable it in time. The human woman shifted into her succubus form and attacked the party. Vulkith was so enchanter by her, he kept defending her until she was killed by Anias. Afterwards Finnan found a secret door and discovered the 2nd life force of Vyrellis. Vyrellis had to bribe Mahalani to take it from Finnan. Once she got it from him, Vyrellis granted Mahalani some of her own power. While all the bickering was occurring, the bowman had fled. The party followed and encountered the last of Garesh Vren’s band of brigands. After all the party members were teleported into a room with a built in flame thrower, they then met the brigands and defeated them in battle. A few of the party members took some serious heat from those flames. And, Grrr lost control of herself in the battle when she took a blow to the arm which left her bleeding and furious. She nearly attacked Anias. No one noticed this, and Grrr kept it to herself. The group then encountered a couple harpies and sahuagin in a room filled with water and bridges. A couple of the party nearly drowned. The sahuagin focused their attacks on Mahalani, but the heros never discerned why.

Arboreans, lizards and Arat Karavakos

The Phoenix 5, now consisting of 6 Heros and a black guardian drake, made their first breakthrough. They had some skirmishes with the evil arboreans, and retreated to safety. They then encountered the Eaters of Knowledge in the library and took a beating, but triumphed. Vylariss thought she would encounter one of her life shards, but it had been taken by someone, or something. Finnan found a secret door that lead to Arat Karavakos, where our Heros quickly dispatched of this life force of Karavakos. They then encountered a room filled with water and some lizard creatures, Grrr was sucked into a pipe and spit out on the otherside of the room, and then was struck down. They routed the lizard creatures and Valkith raised his fallen comrade. In the next scene, they met a dragonborn Gharesh Vren and his band. They parlayed and came to an agreement. Gharesh would grant the party a safe haven of they killed their comrade who had been turned into a werewolf. Our heros fought viciously, but 3 of them were bitten by the cursed creature, and felt an illness settling in.

The meet up

Our heros have spent several quests together. They went to visit an old friend from their unit in the 100 yr war. They discovered she was missing and uncovered a cult dedicated to the Lord of Eyes, Belashyrra, and stopped their plot to sacrifice the town’s villagers. There they discovered the Coat of Eyes.

They took the Coat of Eyes to Stark’s keep, hoping to meet up with a cleric of Pelor, who could destroy the Coat. When they arrived, they found Tom, a priest of Pelor, who destroyed the Coat of Eyes for the party. While there an evil magic fell upon the keep. The Phoenix Five were sent on a quest to undo the magic. They travelled to a forgotten civilization of the sorcerer-kings of Parhok. There they found a race, the Zain Kin, who had served the sorcerers of long ago. The Zain kin were being bullied by a Dragon and his mistress, Dragora. The Phoenix Five defeated Dragora and Mouringlar and lifted the evil magic from Stark’s keep. They hit the front page of the Korranburg Chronicle. They were then approached by agents of The Citadel of Sharn. The adventurers accepted a mission from the Citadel to find one of its agents Jelia and the construct forge she was searching for in the wasteland. They found the Forbidden Forge, and Jelia. Coda took his revenge upon his mother to the surprise of the party members. They then defeated Calamachia, the warforged dragon, and secured the forge for Breland.

Back in Breland, the adventures were put on another mission. This time, by the Draconic Prophecy Sages. Mahalani was a prophecy sage, but had become smitten by the power of the Invulnerable Coat of Arnd. She was becoming too aggressive and was bringing shame on her family. A master of the sages put a curse on her, aging her, as punishment for her aggression. She could lift the curse, and be freed from her duty as a prophecy sage, only if she were to recover a dragon shard. The shard was thought to be in The Pyramid of Shadows. Her companions decided to help her and took up this quest to rid her of the curse. When they arrive to the open grove, where the Pyramid lays, they are ambushed by a group of dwarves. The party defeats them, but one survives, Anias. He believes one of the men in the party are serving a Lord of Dust, and he was sent here to destroy him and all who travel with him. A human named Kren hired his group of dwarves to do the job. They are to meet him back at the Golden Dragon Inn in 3 nights with proof of his success. However, Anias was captured, and learned he was duped. He now has joined forces with the Phoenix Five in their quest.


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